I love that I can take professional photos of my sons any time I want with my “fancy camera.” But let's be real, I don’t always have my DSLR camera on me. I DO, however, always have my phone with me. I’ve created these mobile filters to keep the photos I take of my son with my phone consistent with the ones I take with my DSLR camera. Make your iPhone/Android photos clean, bright, and beautiful in literally ONE CLICK.


Basically Bright Collection


The Basically Bright Collection includes 7 different Mobile Filters (presets):
- A Spring Day
- Bright & Happy
- Bright & Happy Too
- Even Happier
- I’m Cool
- I’m Warm
- Not As Bright

 > No Adobe subscription is necessary. 
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I’m in a long term committed relationship with Kayla Brint Phototherapy and presets. I’m super grateful to have these presets at my fingertips when having my favorite photographer with me during e every memorable moment isn’t possible. Thank you, Kayla for giving me the ability to capture bright and beautiful photos with my iPhone!

Beautiful photos with my iPhone!

- Magan Wisdom

Kayla’s presents give me the power to make my iPhone photos look professional! I tell everyone I know about how easy they are to use. Thank you for making me look like a pro, Kayla! 

My iPhone photos look pro!


I get to capture the moment. And not worry about capturing the lighting! Two seconds and my photos are frame worthy!

My photos are frame worthy


KBP presets automatically make all my iPhone photos bright and happier!

Brighter & Happier!

are in!

the votes 

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Yes, this is an iPhone photo. 

Yes, Please!