Did I just hear a "YASSSS"

You've taken an amazing photo but it was way too dark, and you were totally bummed because it was the only photo of your child not looking goofy.

You've gone to YouTube for editing help and you left more confused and defeated than when you started.

Your child always gets a bump, scratch, or bruise on their face before you plan to take their photo. You just want to not stress about it and have an easy way to remove them.

You've felt defeated because you are learning to use your "fancy camera" but some of the images are just a little too dark or too bright.

With all the effort to learn editing, you can't seem to get a clear roadmap to editing with confidence.

I bet it might.

sound familiar?

If photography were a cake, editing would be the icing for sure. Icing makes the cake look and tastes better. In the same sense, edits can take a good image and make it frame-worthy in just a few clicks.


It doesn't matter if you been photographing for 10 days or 10 years (like I. have, ) we all take photos that need a little 

You finally understand the difference between RAW vs JPEG.

You had a step-by-step guide to knowing how to remove bruises and blemishes. 

You are able to "save" photos you took that are too dark or too bright.

Speaking of saving, you will learn how to quickly and easily save the images you edit.

picture this...

And, oh, you could finally have photos you are proud of to put in those frames you bought.

(pun intended)

Editing Essentials is the ONLY Editing program of its kind that:

breaks the lessons up into time-manageable pieces. Not only do you understand more easily in these smaller lessons, but it will also take you way less time.

gives you a step-by-step guide that will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. You will know exactly what to do, where you are going, and what you need to do next. 

A beginners step-by-step guide to photoshop

With my guidance, you will download Photoshop on your computer.

I will also discuss why I edit all my images in Photoshop and not Lightroom (even though 90% of photographer choose Lightroom.)

Getting Started in Photoshop


the modules

We will be discussing RAW vs JPEG.
Adobe Camera Raw, and I'll be giving you an overview of Photoshop (what you need to know without overwhelm!)

Photoshop Basics


the modules

You will be editing 2 images with me! One we will remove unwanted objects in the background together. The other will be concentrating on editing blemishes, bumps, and bruises.

I will walk you through exactly how I edited this photo here! 

Step-by-Step Editing


the modules

In this module, I will be highlighting a few other important keys to editing including saving your files, actions, and the histogram.

Photoshop Highlights


the modules

NEXT Module


How it Works

Simply... it works simply, promise!

Once you purchase you’ll immediately get an email with your login info, and you can get started!


Login and you will see each lesson ready and waiting for you to get started.


Watch the video and follow along with the step-by-step assignment to make magic happen.

Get started!

With the course, you will also be getting a Student Handbook. This will be your best friend on your editing journey. Print it out and fill it out while you are watching the videos. You don’t have to worry about remembering everything you learned during the course. The Handbook will be there to remind you until it becomes second nature.

And did someone say BONUS?


- Tara Murray

I have been able to capture amazing photos of them doing everyday things, and they are hang-on-the-wall kind of photos. One of the best things about Mastering Manual Mode is you are NEVER behind. No matter how busy your life is, you can take it at your own pace.”

“I have been able to take professional quality photos of my boys! 

the reviews

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Bonus: The EE Handbook valued at $75

11 Lessons with tried and true assignments
to get you editing confidence FAST

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 I waited until right before she closed registration and bit the bullet, and boy am I so glad I did! I love that the class is working at your own pace, and it does not take time away from my family. I can watch the videos on my lunch or even after I put the kids to bed.” - 

My camera literally collected dust for years until I just couldn’t take it any more. 

- Jessica Caskey

the reviews

Editing Essentials course is the most comprehensive, step-by-step program for those who are excited and COMMITTED to learning the basics of Photoshop.

Here’s the kicker:
If you don’t feel confident and excited on your journey, simply reach out during the 7 days after you enroll. Show me you’ve put in the work by providing your workbook and completed assignments, and I’ll refund your investment. 

Let me say this upfront.

If it has to do with a camera, I’m your girl! (I’m also your girl if you need a good Starbucks drink recommendation in the morning and a good red wine recommendation in evening. I got you, sister.)
With two teaching certifications under my belt, I have taken the complicated subject of using a camera and broken it down into parts that you can actually understand - unlike that basic photography book you purchased. (Yeah, no. It’s awful. And it can make even a seasoned photographer say, “What?!”) 

I believe in family. #boymom

I believe it all starts and ends with family and that moms have a front-row seat. (The driver’s seat, that is.) I believe the slow and mundane of the family’s rhythm is beautiful and worthy of documentation. I believe in the sisterhood of motherhood and sharing wisdom with each other.

Motherhood photographer, educator, founder of mom photography School

I'm Kayla.

hey, y'all!

I believe every family has a story worth capturing. Let's capture yours.

- You are tired of taking images that are ok... but not frame-worthy.

You have a "fancy camera" but the images you take are just kind of.. flat and boring.

- You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure out this whole editing thing.

- You've tried to learn editing on YouTube... and you left more confused than you came.

Ready to learn?

How to know if ee is right for you:



frequently asked

I’m always so happy to hear this question because I can so relate. This course is designed to not add to your already busy schedule but to seamlessly fit into it. I know one thing for SURE if you are reading this: you’re most likely a mom. Most lessons in this course are around 5 minutes! You can do this!

Adobe Photoshop! 

If you don’t feel confident and excited on your journey, simply reach out during the 7 days after you enroll. Show me you’ve put in the work by providing your workbook and completed assignments, and I’ll refund your investment.

Let's do this

Sure, you could stick to YouTube for guidance or maybe that beginner editing book you bought will do the trick.
 (Maybe, but I highly doubt it.)

Or you could join me in Editing Essentials to learn the basics step-by-step.

Don't stay frusterated with photos that are flat and boring.

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