If I’ve learned anything on my motherhood journey so far, it’s this: no stage or season lasts long in our children’s lives before they grow into the next one.  

Babies don’t keep.

Don’t let another milestone pass you by undocumented.

You just want to be able to freeze time, but your kids refuse to stop growing.
(Why don’t they ever listen?) 

You want gorgeous timeless photos to preserve this special time.
Your walls seriously need some updated photos that match your decor.
                  it would be GREAT if it didn’t take a whole bunch of stress to get there.


You, finally, in some photos with your kids 

Timeless photos you’ll love that will look amazing in your home

Genuine smiles and laughter captured

Imagine a family session and a milestone session where everyone is having a great time - including you, Mom! Imagine a photography session where you don’t have to be the cheerleader, the organizer, the stylist, and the therapist - especially to those who may not want to be in attendance for the photos. (Cough, cough, Dad) Oh, and raise your hand if you have photos that you intended to print but never did?

you could have great photos without the stress?

Let's book a session

What if

You want:

and, oh,

Studio and outdoor option in one place. The studio is literally steps from great outdoor locations, so you’ll have options without having to travel.

Access to my curated dresses that look great on camera, so you don’t have to go to the mall again.

A full hour, so we aren’t rushed and can enjoy ourselves.

Join me in my custom-built studio where natural light beautifully fills the space year-round making it the perfect place for your family and milestone photos.

I consider it a privilege that you have chosen me to document this special time in your family. My goal is not only to present you with timeless photos, but to provide you and your family with a great time spent together. 

A photo session is simple, really. It’s about you and your family enjoying each other’s company (cell phone free) for an hour, and me joining along to capture the fun. 

Of course, timeless and beautiful photos are a given, but I also aim to make our time together comfortable and enjoyable. Just like anything of importance, I plan ahead to ensure a fun and stress-free time. How is this possible? I’m so glad you asked.

Sister, I hear you! 

A portrait session with KB includes:

PLUS, you have the option to order prints, albums, and wall art directly from me so that no images are just shared on social media and then forgotten. Rather, they are viewed and enjoyed every single day.

- Taelor Jones

We will cherish them forever!"

She was so sweet and worked so well with us! The photos turned out so beautifully. We are so thankful we chose Kayla to take these pictures! 

Kayla took my maternity photos, my son’s newborn photos, 6 month photos, and 1 year photos.

the reviews

How it Works

The game-plan

First, I’d love to invite you into my studio for coffee to discuss your session - the style you had in mind - and I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. I also have a styling guide we can go over to inspire you (since personal stylist also falls under the category of Motherhood.) 


Because we have planned well in advance, your session is relaxed and filled with lots of laughs and fun - and, of course, tons of amazing photos! If a toddler will be in your photos - no worries - I’ll be wearing my running shoes. As a mom myself, chasing a child is my cardio! Those also make for some of the best photos!


If you are interested in heirlooms, you will visit me in the studio to see all your beautiful photos on a larger than life screen and set to music. From there, I will assist you in selecting the heirloom products of your choice. 


Want to see what your images will look like on your walls before investing? 

Great! I can do that for you digitally so that you will know exactly how it will look in your home before you invest.

If it has to do with a camera, I’m your girl! (I’m also your girl if you need a good Starbucks drink recommendation in the morning and a good red wine recommendation in evening. I got you, sister.)

I have built my business on the solid foundation that moms are meant to be in the photos with their family, and photos were never meant to stay in the digital form. 

I believe in family.

I believe it all starts and ends with family and that moms have a front-row seat. (The driver’s seat, that is.) I believe the slow and mundane of the family’s rhythm is beautiful and worthy of documentation. I believe in the sisterhood of motherhood and sharing wisdom with each other.

Motherhood photographer, educator, founder of mom photography School

I'm Kayla.

hey, y'all!

I believe every family has a story worth capturing.

I take a limited amount of portrait sessions a year. Again, planning is key! Putting this on your calendar well in advance will ensure no one makes plans on that day. I schedule family and milestone sessions as early as a year in advance. 

REady to work together?



frequently asked

Solid light colors look best in the studio. During your consultation I will bring so much clarity to exactly what each family member should wear. And while you’re there, you can browse my client wardrobe as well!

I present between 35-40 edited images. I don’t limit it to this number though. I edit all the quality photos (that meet my standard) that I take during our session.

Let's do this!

Sure, you could just be happy with your iPhone photos of your kids, but we both know you aren’t going to do anything with those. You’re going to wish you would have booked a session.

Let’s capture this time in your family.

6 Months





Kelsi & boys



6 months





Chelsea & her babies



1 year




1 Year

Paige & her boys



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