Do you want to edit the image but feel frustrated and don’t know where to start? I’ve got you sister! These are my personal mobile presets (which I like to call filters) that will help you quickly and easily edit your mobile photos. Seriously, one click. These work through the FREE version of Lightroom on mobile.

get a good photo on your phone, but the light or color is terrible?

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(Um, the ocean is blue, Why does it look so dark?!)



- bonnie appler

Kayla’s presets are so easy! I take SO many photos on my phone and the lighting usually can use some improvement. I have Lightroom on my home page next to my photo app and in about 5 touches, I have a perfect, beautifully exposed/bright/light/airy photos that I am so proud to post on instagram and Facebook. 

They’re easy to install and so simple to use and you get so many options for such a low price. 

- Magan WIsdom

I tell everyone I know about how easy they are to use. Thank you for making me look like a pro, Kayla!

Mom Mobile Filters give me the power to make my iPhone photos look professional! 

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Yes, this is an iPhone photo. 

Yes, Please!