Congratulations! As exciting as this time is, it is also very busy - filled with appointments, building the perfect registry, and now you’re looking into scheduling a newborn photographer to document this special time. All of this is uncharted territory, and you have so many questions and to-do lists to complete before your little one arrives. 

Mama, I see you! I’m here to help.

I’ve been in your shoes - the comfortable ones. (Probably flip-flops because that was all that fit.) A new mom, a diaper bag filled to the brim, and anxious as can be - mainly because a human just exited my body only a few days prior - I remember that time like it was yesterday. 

Babies don’t keep.

Let’s preserve this precious time together.

Welcome to Motherhood!

- You have no idea when to book your session.
- What on Earth are we supposed to wear? Does the baby even wear clothes for photos?
                how long is this going to take?


and, oh,

A stress-free experience. My photography style is clean and simple, and so is the process. I have nailed down the photography experience to make sure it is a no-fuss, no-rush time for you and your family.

Curated wardrobe. I have selected several dresses that I know look good on camera. You are welcome to choose a dress from my wardrobe or simply let them inspire you before you go shopping.

Every Motherhood Session Includes:

Join me in my custom-built studio where natural light beautifully fills the space year-round making it the perfect place for your maternity & newborn portraits.

Motherhood photography is for moms who are expecting or recently had a baby - up to one year. (My personal favorite sessions are when the babies are six months. Such a precious time!) Of course, clean, timeless, and beautiful photos are a given, but I also aim to make our time together comfortable and enjoyable. We’ll discuss the total KB Motherhood experience at your consultation. 


Great! I can do that for you digitally so that you will know exactly how it will look in your home before you invest.

Want to see what your images will look like on your walls before investing? 

If you want heirloom products, you will visit me in the studio to see all your beautiful photos on a larger-than-life screen set to music. From there, I will assist you in selecting the heirloom products of your choice. Digital files are also available for purchase.


YAY! It’s session day. Your 
Motherhood session is relaxed and stress-fress. If baby is already here, it is filled with lots of cuddles, as many feeding sessions as their heart desires, and of course, tons of amazing photos. There is never any rush! Full disclosure: I always get a venti coffee before every session. I enjoy my coffee and your company while the baby feeds and is being rocked back into dreamland.


How it Works

First, before the baby arrives, I’d love to invite you into my studio for a consultation to discuss your session, and I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. I also have a curated wardrobe of dresses that you are welcome to try on or use to inspire you before you go shopping. You’ll leave our time together relieved! You’ll know exactly what to expect, and you will be SO excited! 


Capture your little one’s entire first year! Introducing the Belly to Baby Membership. You get a maternity session, newborn family session, six month session, and one year photos with a discounted sitting fee savings of $200. 

It’s easy! Simply meet with me for a consultation to discuss all four sessions and book your maternity, newborn, six month, and one year photos - and enjoy a discount!

Want photos of baby's first year?


How does it work?

- Rachael Potter

She treated our baby like our own. Her patience, skill, and thorough communication exceeded our expectations!”

Working with Kayla on newborn photos was a dream!


the reviews

If it has to do with a camera, I’m your girl! (I’m also your girl if you need a good Starbucks drink recommendation in the morning and a good red wine recommendation in evening. I got you, sister.)

I have built my business on the solid foundation that moms are meant to be in the photos with their family, and photos were never meant to stay in the digital form. 

I believe in family.

I believe it all starts and ends with family and that moms have a front-row seat. (The driver’s seat, that is.) I believe the slow and mundane of the family’s rhythm is beautiful and worthy of documentation. I believe in the sisterhood of motherhood and sharing wisdom with each other.

Motherhood photographer, educator, founder of mom photography School

I'm Kayla.

hey, y'all!

I believe every family has a story worth capturing.

The price of your session is based on your heirloom choices - you can invest as little or as much as you like.
To ensure I am able to fit you in, please contact me 3-6 months prior to your due date.

REady to work together?



frequently asked

4-14 days is the best time to schedule your session. Of course, baby may come a little early or late. No problem! Just have someone contact me when he or she arrives, and I’ll make sure to get baby in during that time frame.

I present between 35-40 edited images. I don’t limit it to this number though. I edit all the quality photos (that meet my standard) that I take during our session.

Let's do this!

Sure, you could just be happy with your iPhone photos of your kids, but we both know you aren’t going to do anything with those. You’re going to wish you would have booked a session.

Let’s capture this time in your family.










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