Hey, y'all! I'm Kayla Brint.

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Pretty much, I'm your southern friend living on the Texas/Arkansas line who is a mom trying to live her best life and teach other to do the same.

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located on the Texas/Arkansas line, my natural light studio is an extension of my home. It's where I've photographed countless families, teach, and work daily. I can't wait to welcome you here.

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As my photography business grew, I felt my focus on the things that REALLY mattered to me where getting the worst of me i.e. My children. 

Living a slow and international life while running a business (not totally exhausted) can feel impossible. I I was just there!

I decided I wanted a life not just longing for my kid’s bedtime- and choose the path toward a rich life you are thankful for every single day.

One that really is photo-worthy... even on a Tuesday over pizza eaten on the floor. 

moms are expected to “work like they don’t have children and raise children like they don’t work,” 

We live in a a time where 

I’m here to help you live a more slow & simple life by teaching how I reverse engineered my business by starting with my home.

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Let's be INsta-friends

Let's be INsta-friends

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step-by-step education so you can take better family photos and preserve them without taking up the storage on your phone

This process is the exact method I use every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 time 👏🏼 I take photos of my kids and it’s precisely how I know that my photos will stand the test of time.

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I'm a full-time studio photographer and educator who helps women simplify their lives so they can be present for the moments that matter to them. I noticed women, myself included, feeling like if they were successful in one area of life they were failing in another and they were looking to find a way to do it all, be present, and document it well.

So, I began creating resources that guide stressed-to-the-maxed women in creating an intentional and simplified life so that they can be present for the moments that matter and document it well... without the guilt of “all the things” they “should” be doing.

i’m kayla. wife. #boymom. certified educator. seeker of slow & simple.


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