I’m the girl you call on if you want to get in front of the camera with your family (without the stress of “What do I wear?”) or if you need help getting behind the camera and want to learn to photograph your family with confidence.

Hey, y'all! I'm Kayla.


(I’m also your girl if you need a good Starbucks drink recommendation in the morning, a good red wine recommendation in evening, and you want to talk about Harry Potter for hours.
 I got you, sister.)

You’re a crazy busy mama, and you’ve got a to-do list a mile long. 

sound familiar?

(Where did I put that list anyways?)

Your kids are seriously the light of your life, and you shamelessly want good photos of them (and some of y’all together - what a crazy thought!) Do you just want to get the 5K photos off your phone and maybe have some that you are proud of?

I’ve got you, Mama.

Hey, y’all! I’m Kayla, and I work with moms who enjoy seeing photos of their family every single day. They value their photos and want them to be seen for generations to come.

In my custom-built natural light studio, I help you, Mom, preserve this special time in your family with timeless portraits.

As a fellow mom who is also always behind the camera and rarely in front of it, I get it. I understand the time it takes to plan outfits, coordinate schedules, and I know just how stressful the whole process can be. 

I provide a luxury photography experience in my natural light studio that is stress-free, fun, and relaxing for the whole family.  

Just what Mom ordered, right? 

The result: clean, timeless, heirloom photos to be enjoyed now and for generations to come.

you’re in just the right spot!
That’s where I come in. 

Oh, sister,

- Taelor Jones

We will cherish them forever!"

She was so sweet and worked so well with us! The photos turned out so beautifully. We are so thankful we chose Kayla to take these pictures! 

Kayla took my maternity photos, my son’s newborn photos, 6 month photos, and 1 year photos.

the reviews

- Rachael Potter

She treated our baby like our own. Her patience, skill, and thorough communication exceeded our expectations!"

Working with Kayla on newborn photos was a dream

Check out MPS

Like I said, I am always behind the camera taking photos of my sons - the messy, the mundane, and the silly. They aren’t polished, but they are raw, real, and so special. And guess what? You can do it too, and I’m here to help with Mom Photography School.! With two teaching certifications under my belt, I have taken the complicated subject of using a camera and broken it down into parts that you can actually understand - unlike that basic photography book you purchased. (Yeah, no. It’s awful. And it can make even a seasoned photographer say, “What?!”) 

Get behind the camera.

Mom Photography School


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I’m a proud wife to beekeeper husband, Chase, and #boymom to Worth & Wisdom. I’m currently wearing the spit-up as I type this. (Like, how does it literally get everywhere?)

I'm a beekeeper. Okay, okay. I'm just a beekeeper's assistance by marriage. We have a bee farm on our property . Seriously, our bees make the best honey ever in the whole world. Come on over and find out for yourself!

I'm a collector of books, recipes, and receipts. My happy place is at home with my boys. We have chickens, we keep bees, and I love sitting on my front porch with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine depending on the time of day) and watching my sons play in the yard, the ducks flying over our pond, and the sound of crickets. I'll be honest, I didn't choose the country life, but I thank the Lord for it every single day. 

PHOTOGRAPHER, educator & coffee addict

the founder

kayla brint

If Kayla is the dreamer, Chase is the dream maker. If Kayla dares to fancy herself as Joanna Gaines, Chase is definitely Chip (but for the record, Chase is WAY closer to being Chip than Kayla is being Joanna #keepdreamingkayla.)

Chase is an avid hunter of deer and elk, master griller, and the one everyone is really obsessed with in the Brint household. He can literally do anything as long as he has YouTube and some to "hold this" while he works his magic.

forrester, beekeeper 
& Dream maker

the doer of all things

chase brint

Bud Light



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side-eyes Kayla


Worth is the eldest son of Chase & Kayla Brint. He is the life of the party and has never met a stranger. When asked which Hogwarts House he's in, he proudly replies, "SLYTHERCLAW!" Which is absolutely accurate. 

Worth is the prayer leader at dinner in his household, the comic relief in every situation, and the joy of his family. 

Worth loves dinosaurs, books, and his mommy (daddy too... but mommy is the favorite. Mommy is also writhing this.) 

Dino identifier, pro mess maker & Wisdom's best friend

the comic relief

worth brint

water - on the rocks, please


Cake Pop

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Changes based on hunger


Wisdom is the baby in his family and hand-down the calmest of them all. If he could talk, he would tell everyone that they need to chill.

He is the COO of this business and is always right beside the founder (Kayla) to help make any decisions. He also makes sure the founder doesn't work too much by distracting her with sweet smiles. 

In his spare time, Wisdom enjoys smiling at his big brother, falling asleep in his daddy's arms, and taking a bath.

Drooler, Pro Heart stealer, Worth's best friend

the sweet one 

wisdom brint

mommy milk


whatever mommy is having

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