I believe it's possible.

But no one is talking about how to create systems for everything else (that directly relate to business. Don’t believe me? How did you feel when showed up to work in frazzled because you couldn’t find your keys in the chaos.)

Work/life balance isn’t a goal- it’s a journey. 

  • Not worrying about laundry, groceries, or the “what are we having for dinner” every time you sit down to work
  • Walking into your home after a long day of work and feeling peace because everything is in place as it should be.
  • Being able to focus at work without having your mind wonder to you never ending to-do list at home.

The entrepreneur industry is flooded with resources for building systems in your business… 

it is but...

In a time where moms are expected to “work like they don’t have children and raise children like they don’t work,” — living a slow and intentional life while running a business (not totally exhausted) can feel impossible.

While some people seem to have it all together, 
you/your audience is stuck wondering if you’ll ever be able to sit back and relax without worry about all the things that need to be done.

^^ The answer is YES.  

your life (and your kid's life) is happening on a Tuesday night over meals together, homework, baths, and bedtime kisses..

 Not at Disney every so often (when you schedule time off a year in advance)..

It’s time to start living intentionally so that we aren't using all our energy on businesses while our family is getting the worst of us at the end of the day

 can I get an amen?


They will walk away with A new mindset around work/life balance
A plan to take action when they get home
Tips that every women entrepreneur will value

Work/life balance isn't a goal... it's a journey.

work/life balance myths

they are not 2 seperate things. They are one and should treat them as such. I discuss paper and digital planners and how I use both.

Scheduling your work & life

You can't show up your best at work if you just had to dig in the dirty clothes to find a pair of socks for your kid. We will chat about the big areas that keep us distracted: laundry, dishes, and keeping a tidy home.

It starts with the home...

How to use a camera in full manual mode. How to use an iPhone camera to its maximum potential. How to kill it with mini session.


 topic & key points

The Talk

I'm a full-time studio photographer and educator who helps women simplify their lives so they can be present for the moments that matter to them. I noticed women, myself included, feeling like if they were successful in one area of life they were failing in another and they were looking to find a way to do it all, be present, and document it well.

So, I began creating resources that guide stressed-to-the-maxed women in creating an intentional and simplified life so that they can be present for the moments that matter and document it well... without the guilt of “all the things” they “should” be doing.

Motherhood Photographer, Educator, speaker, seeker of the slow & simple

I'm Kayla

hey, y'all

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So excited to be working with you!

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