*Psst... I've been all of the above not too long ago

  • your phone has slowed down because it’s so overloaded with photos
  • you’re worried that you might lose all the pictures you’ve taken of your kid’s childhood
  • you’ve wondered “am I ever going to actually do anything with the photos I am taking?"
  • you wished you had better photos to post of you kids- mine look so dark and boring

Have you felt this way before?

let me guess…

(your great-grandkids aren’t going to have your icloud password, okay)

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”
Christian Lous Lange, Historian

And I’m here to tell you, technology is a very useful servant when it comes to my photos- my great, great grandkids will definitely be seeing them one day. I have back-ups on back-ups.

We are taking more photos than ever before… but we have the least to show for it. 

You can do it. I can help.

Having prints of your family on the walls and printed to be passed-down for generations to come.

Being about to access ALL your photos from your phone… but not having it take up the storage on your phone.

Knowing exactly where they all are without them being buried in a sea of screenshots and memes

taking stunning family photos (that are legit wall-worthy) 


of your family preserved for generations to come.

but guess what?

step-by-step education so you can take better family photos and preserve them without taking up the storage on your phone
 (because our phones are really unreliable-
trust me: I’ve learned the hard way.)

This process is the exact method I use every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 time 👏🏼 I take photos of my kids

and it’s precisely how I know that my photos will stand the test of time.

Documented Legacy


 Each course has step-by-step trainings, workbooks, and a confidence-building community of women JUST like you looking to be more intentional with the photos they day.

Mastering Manual Mode

Editing Essentials

iPhone Photography

Family Photo Organization

Documented Legacy is made up of 4 courses of video trainings.

Documented Legacy is the only photo education that walks you through taking, editing, and preserving photos in a digital world. 


the courses

- Sara gibson 

 Manual mode wasn’t even a option, and trying to decipher the book that came with my camera... yeah right. Praise the Lord I was referred to Kayla. Now I can CONFIDENTLY go take pictures of my girl. Pictures I am proud of, and proud to print and put on my walls. 

Before my camera was seriously like a foreign object.

the reviews

This is the “preserve” portion of DL- Family Photo Organization is a course to organizing your digital photos both your “fancy camera” and your iPhone. You will also learn my exact method of building a family yearbook (including some of my biggest time-saving hacks!)

Family Photo Organization


It’s no secret that we are all taking more photos with our phones than anything else- let’s do it well! This course is dedicated to helping you capture (and edit) your phone photos so that you are excited to post them (and PRINT them!)

iPhone Photography


It’s no secret that we are all taking more photos with our phones than anything else- let’s do it well! This course is dedicated to helping you capture (and edit) your phone photos so that you are excited to post them (and PRINT them!)

Editing Essentials


My signature course and fan favorite! Have a camera collecting duct? Master your “fancy camera” by learning to use it in full manual mode.

Mastering Manual Mode


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the topics

How it Works

easy as pie

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3. go time

With Mom Mobile Filters,  you can edit your iPhone images perfectly in one click!

These are my personal mobile presets (which I like to call filters) that will help you quickly and easily edit your mobile photos.

Seriously, one click.

These work through the FREE version of Lightroom on mobile.

Did someone say bonuses?

now Including Mom Mobile filters

Ok, I'm in

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... but for what? What are your plans for all those photos you are backing up?
Or you could join me in DL and learn my exact system to taking and preserving digital photos. 

Sure, you could just keep putting a band-aid on the problem by paying for more iCloud storage

Oh, and if you’re not happy, I’m not happy -- if within 30 days, you give it a whirl, and realize it’s not for you, just show me your work and hop on a quick call with me to let me know how I can improve, and I’m more than happy to buy it back! Click here to read the full policy.



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I'm a full-time studio photographer and educator who has created education and resources that I wished I had when I was starting out.

With 2 teaching certifications under my belt, over 10 years of professional photography experience, and a passion for business/marketing- teaching the art + business of photography is something I absolutely live for.

i’m kayla. photographer. #boymom. certified educator. business junkie.



frequently asked

I recommend doing the courses in this order:

The better questions is should you. I think no. Each one of these courses has a lot of very valuable information that's important to get you to taking better photos and preserving them. Doing one course at a time (in order and completely) before moving on to the next will help you to get to the finish line faster.

100% yes. Mastering Manual Mode is the only course that is specially about using a "fancy camera." However, I think it is very wise to borrow or lease a camera and learn to shoot in manual mode before investing in a camera. (Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who has a "fancy camera" will tell you this is true. They wish they would have learned to use it before investing.)

It was made for you actually. Yes. Yes. Yes! I hope you are excited to print your photos after all you learn (I show you how to do it and why it's important, btw.)

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