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Welcome to our latest blog post where i’m spilling all the secrets on how to choose a mini session that will not only sell like hotcakes, but also keep your photography business thriving with happy, returning clients. As a savvy photographer, we know you’re always on the hunt for that golden ticket mini session idea that not only captures hearts but also brings in the dough. Let’s dive in to the art of choosing the right mini session that resonates with your audience, boosts your income, and leaves clients clamoring for more.

Know Your Audience Like the Back of Your Hand

The first rule of thumb in choosing the right mini session is to know your audience better than your mama knows her biscuit recipe. And how do you do that? Simple! Just ask ’em what they want! Your clients are the heart and soul of your business, so it’s crucial to understand what they want. Pay attention to what they’re splurging on, whether it’s Easter outfits or Christmas pageant attire. I know I always want pictures of my kids in their holiday outfits that I spent wayy too much money on knowing they will only wear it once.

Make It an Unforgettable Experience

Now, let’s talk about the secret sauce that sets your mini sessions apart from the rest: the experience, honey! It’s not just about snapping a few photos; it’s about creating memories that’ll last a lifetime. So, how do you level up? Offer a styling guide (check out my youtube video I offer my clients on How to Dress Your Kids for Photos), sprinkle in some extra thrills, or add a pinch of pizzazz to make your clients feel like royalty. Remember, it’s the little details that make all the difference!

Master the Art of Marketing

Alright, y’all, listen closely ’cause this is where the magic happens! No matter how cute your mini session is, if your marketing falls flat, it’s like serving up a pie without the sweet filling. Moms, bless their hearts, need reminders, so blow up your mini sessions like fireworks on the Fourth of July! Use every trick in the book, from social media blasts to strategic blog posts, to spread the word like wildfire. And hey, if you need a little extra help, I’ve got a whole program to get your marketing game on point!

So, there you have it, folks! With a sprinkle of Southern charm and a whole lot of savvy, you’ll be rocking those mini sessions like a true mini session pro. Now go on, darlin’, and make those memories shine brighter than a firefly on a summer night! Y’all got this! 📸💫





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