3 Reasons Why Engagement Sessions are Important



Have you ever noticed that no one ever talks about your engagement? Like, ever.Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Photographer www.kaylabrint.com
Little girls don’t dream about their engagement. Sometimes there is an engagement party, but even at those everyone is discussing the wedding. Engagements are simply overlooked.

The engagement period is such an exciting time but it’s also a very stressful time of planning and organizing all.the.things. As if planning your new life together wasn’t enough, you’re also orchestrating your dream wedding. There are guest lists to build. Showers to attend. Items to register. A dress to find. Cake to taste. I could go on forever.
Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Photographer www.kaylabrint.com
So, pretty much, the engagement is a blur. If you’re married, do you remember much from that time? I know I certainly don’t. It was rushed. It was hectic. It was a joyful time, but boy did it go by quickly.

There’s a photo on our nightstand. An engagement photo. We are looking at each with so much joy in our eyes. That photo is so important to me for so many reasons. While that time is my life was certainly stressful, I am so grateful for the photos to remind me of the excitement I had and the joy that was to come. Oh, if I told that girl what I know now, she wouldn’t believe me. (Actually, she probably would. I’m still pretty naive.)

Here are my top 3 reasons that I encourage any bride to consider having engagement photos made:

1. Engagement sessions are like a pause button. It’s a time to stop the hustle and remember why you’re doing all of this work in the first place; to marry your soul mate. For me personally, life got even busier after Chase and I said, “I do.” Our engagement photos are literally the only pictures I have of us in casual clothes until we started a family 2 years later and started having family photos made. Oh, how I cherish those engagement photos. I love looking at them… at those people who were so young, so in love, so caught up in the details of wedding planning. Little did they know the best and the hardest was yet to come.

2. Frame them and display them at the wedding. Not only does it make for great decor at the wedding, they will also look great in your home. That picture that is on our nightstand was once on the sign-in table at our wedding.

3. I saved the most important reason for last. Engagement photos are like a rehearsal for your wedding day. With my couples, we do almost exactly the same thing on the wedding day as we do at the engagement photos. You will know exactly what to expect! You’ll also have so much confidence because you’ve already seen how great your engagement photos are- they are only going to be that much better in your wedding dress and tux! Confidence is really what makes a photo! On your wedding day when you have butterflies in your stomach and knot in your throat, there is such comfort in knowing what you’re suppose to do. This is EXACTLY why I highly recommend engagements to every bride!

Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Photographer www.kaylabrint.com Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Photographer www.kaylabrint.comKayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Photographer www.kaylabrint.com

I am so looking forward to this couple’s wedding in October! Corrie & Trae are getting married at Ramage Farms, and after how much fun we had during these photos, you better believe this photographer is SUPER excited. BRING ON THE FALL WEDDINGS!

Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Photographer www.kaylabrint.com

Need some help planning your engagement session?! I’ve got your back! I’ve created this styling guide just for my engaged couples. Download it here and have a stress-free and FUN session!

Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Photographer www.kaylabrint.com





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