Jersie is 3 and Dorothy!



A heart is not judged by how much you love; but how much you are loved by others. – Wizard of Oz

Oh, and sweet little Jersie is so loved!2018-03-03_0012.jpg
As most of you know, I’m a boy mom.  It’s dirt, deer, fish, trucks, tractors, and dinosaurs 100% of the time at the Brint residence. 2018 has been filled with nothing but boys here at the studio. And honestly, I’m good at photographing boys because I’ve had so much practice. I don’t mind getting dirty. I don’t mind running after them. I can pretend to be the best human excavator that you’ve ever seen. I can make some seriously gross noises that will make any little boy laugh. I’m a really good boy photographer because I had to learn to be one. It’s an art, people.
And then every time I get asked to photograph a little girl I’m always taken back. Umm… is so easy for me. I don’t have to try. Everything happens so naturally and I’m always surprised at how smoothly the sessions go. I always feel like I should have had to work harder to get the perfect shot, but I don’t have to work hard at all because it comes so naturally. Why? Because I like pretty dresses and things that sparkle too! I really don’t want to be in the dirt if I don’t have to be. I know the words to “I’m a Little Tea Pot” not because I have a little girl but because I use to sing it when I was a little girl myself. Oh, I could take the prettiest pictures of sweet little girls all day long.
Jersie (aka Dorothy) had the best time exploring downtown Texarkana. We sang “Off to See the Wizard” and played with her stuffed dog Todo. Jersie, I mean Dorothy, had the sweetest Wizard of Oz 3rd birthday party! Her mom, Emily, admits that she usually doesn’t go all out on parties but she did on this one because it was easy and fun to do. And, y’all, it was such a precious party! The envy of Pinterest!
How precious is her dress and shoes! These photos will bring back fond memories for this family, especially Jersie, for year to come.





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