Setting Up Sprout Studio | Part 2 – Sprout Studio Sprint



Spruce Up Your Business with Sprout Studio: Part 2 of the Sprout Studio Sprint 🌿

Setting Up Sprout Studio with Kayla Brint

Hey y’all! Welcome back to part two of our three-part series, the Sprout Studio Sprint, where we’re zooming through getting those paying leads in no time! If y’all haven’t watched Part 1 yet, go ahead and check it out here before diving into this one. I talked about some important stuff that you’ll need for today’s setup! 🎥

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the super special Bonus Day I call “Follow-Up Madness.” It’s not on YouTube, y’all, so click here to sign up and get it straight to your inbox. It’s a deeper dive, and I promise it’s worth your time!

Make the Most of Your 14-Day Free Trial with Sprout Studio 🌟

Part 2 of our Sprout Studio Sprint is all about leveraging your free trial to the max. If y’all haven’t signed up yet, use my affiliate link to get their best deal that you won’t see again until black Friday! Not only will you snag a sweet discount but also start your 14-day free trial. I want y’all to really get in there, set things up, and start using it to see if it’s the right fit for you, just like it has been for me and my photography business at every stage.

What We’re Covering Today 📝

Today, we’re gonna focus on some key features inside Sprout Studio that are gonna save you time and get you organized. We’ll look at invoicing, setting up questionnaires, and just getting everything nice and tidy. This part of the Sprint will set y’all up for success by ensuring everything’s in place for managing bookings and client information seamlessly.

Setting Up Your Sprout Studio 🛠️

Alright, let’s get our hands dirty and set up these key components:

  1. Invoicing: We’ll set up your price lists and ensure you know how to manage invoices efficiently. This is super important for keeping that cash flow smooth.
  2. Questionnaires: These are great for gathering all the info you need from your clients right from the get-go. I’ll show y’all how to set these up so you can customize ’em to fit just what you need for each shoot.
  3. General Organization: We’ll go through organizing your workflows within Sprout Studio to help you save time and avoid any unnecessary stress.

Get Ready for Automation in Part 3 🔥

In our next video, Part 3, we’ll dive into automating your processes, including setting up lead forms on your website and showing you what automation looks like in action. This is where it gets really exciting because we start to see all the pieces coming together.

Join My Membership for Advanced Strategies 🚀

And remember, if y’all are looking to dive even deeper, I teach advanced strategies in my membership, The Art and Business of Photography. We talk about booking clients literally in our sleep – it happened to me! If I can do it, so can you. Join us here!

Wrap-Up and Call to Action ✨

Make sure you’re all set up by following the steps we discussed today. Check out that link below to get your Sprout Studio ready. And don’t miss out on Part 3 where we bring it all together for some serious automation magic.

Sign up now for the Bonus Day, “Follow-Up Madness,” right here, and let’s make sure you’re fully equipped to tackle everything your photography business throws at you. Can’t wait to see y’all in Part 3, where we make your business work smarter, not harder! 🌟





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