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I feel like I need to preface with this: THESE ARE SOLD OUT (and for good reason!) However, they go on sale again on October 24th. I’ll be updating ALL of my Unicorn Mail subscribers when the sale goes lives so that you can get your PowerSheets before they are gone. In the mean time, here is something I plan on purchasing and doing in 2019 that is in stock. Anything in this shop is GOLD, y’all! And these goal guide bundles look AMAZING! Click here to see for yourself!

Ok, now back to our regular programing.

Have you ever set a goal but that’s all you did with it? Just set it. Maybe you said you wanted it… to yourself. You didn’t know how you were going to get there. You didn’t really know when you would complete it. All you knew is that you wanted it. Maybe yours is to make more money. Maybe it is to improve your health. But I am here to tell you something… those “goals” are just wishes without an action plan.

PowerSheets guides you through the process of setting and managing your goals. Any goal. Personal or professional. Big or small. This is exactly how a wish or a dream becomes a goal: with a plan.

Before I even start talking about my beloved PowerSheets, I feel I need to preface with 2 things:

  1. PowerSheets is not just for entrepreneurs or business people. This is for anyone who has any goal at all! Small goals. Big goals. Financial goals. Fitness goals. Meal-planning goals. Reading goals.

2. This is not a replacement for a planner. It is a complement to a planner.

Kayla Brint Photography PowerSheets

PowerSheets is honestly a step-by-step goal keeper. In the beginning it helps you to dig deep to define your goals. I remember filling mine out during December of 2017, and with every turn of the page, my crazy, scary goals seemed more attainable. Not as far out of my reach. I was on my way to having a solid plan. You know how they say, “I see light at the end of the tunnel.” Yeah, well, you have to actually get your hands dirty and get in the tunnel first. I realized that I had done NOTHING other than say I wanted to achieve my goals. The whole first part of the Powersheet is “getting in the tunnel.” (those are sooooo my words, by the way. But that was exactly how I felt. I was finally getting started.)

The PowerSheets are categorized by month with a seasonal “Refresh.” Every season you revisit your goals and see what is working and what is not working. Again, there is a step-by-step guide.

We have one shot at this life. This is not a rehearsal, people. Set goals, and set yourself up for success. I am SO thankful for PowerSheets! Get your on October 24! Sign up for Unicorn Mail by clicking here and I will send you an e-mail reminder when they go on sale!

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