Unexpected Marketing Strategies for Child Photographers



Hey y’all! 🌟 Today I’m dishing out some unexpected yet totally genius marketing strategies for all you amazing child photographers out there! 📷✨ Let’s dive right in and shake up the game together!

Day School Photos… just hear me out!

🎒 Who says school pics have to be boring? Dive into the world of day school photography and watch your confidence as a photographer soar! Just like hitting the gym, snapping those school pics requires quick thinking and lightning-fast reflexes. Plus, capturing those genuine smiles and silly moments? Priceless! 💪😄 This gives you an opportunity to produce work for a larger volume of families you may have never had access to before! Some of my most loyal clients have originated from me taking their child’s day school photos.

Kids Sporting Events

⚽ This one even took me by surprise! When my kids started playing sports, of course I had my camera with me! Not only does it increase your skills behind the lens, but it’s also a golden opportunity to market yourself to potential clients. Every sports shoot is a chance to score big with families who might just become your loyal clients for full sessions. Don’t forget to mention this exciting venture in your communications with clients—let them know you’re not just a photographer, you’re a game-changer! 🏆📣

Mini Session Madness

🎉 Who says mini sessions have to be daunting? I’m here to help you with your mini session strategy! It’s the perfect way to dip your toes into managing multiple clients at once and fine-tune your booking software skills. Think of it as a mini boot camp for photographers—get those systems streamlined and watch your confidence soar as you juggle multiple sessions like a pro! 🌟💻

So there you have it, folks—three out-of-the-box marketing strategies to elevate your child photography game and broaden your client reach! Remember, it’s all about embracing the unexpected and seizing every opportunity to showcase your talent. Now get out there, snap away, and let your creativity shine! 📸✨ #ChildPhotography #MarketingMagic #GameChanger





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