3 Tips for Taking Pictures of Kids in a Group



This post, 3 Tips for Taking Pictures of Kids in a Group, is inspired by my eldest son, Worth. The older he gets, the more I find myself wanting to take pictures of him and his friends together. School parties, baseball games, birthdays… all are photo opportunities that I do not want to miss.

However, the more kids, the more challenging it can be! Check out this post on my favorite ways to get the kids to smile at the camera. This past year I’ve had tons of events with my son in which I had to be quick on my feet to get them all to look at me and pay attention. Not an easy task but with these 3 Tips for Taking Pictures of Kids in a Group, I have a chance at getting a good photo in which everyone is at least looking in my direction. After reading this post, you will learn how to take great pictures of your kids with confidence by using my 3 tips for taking pictures of kids in a group.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

More of a visual learner? Check out my YouTube video below!

1. If you can hear me, clap once.

I learned this little trick when I was teaching public school. To get the kids quiet and calm, whisper just loud enough for them to hear, “If you can hear me, clap once.” The first time, only a couple may clap. Then say, “If you can hear me, clap twice.” More will join in, and the clap will get everyone else’s attention. Keep doing it until everyone is looking your way, and you can give them directions.

2. Put your arm around each other.

A rule in portrait photography is to get the subject’s heads close together. You can’t exactly say to a bunch of kids, “Hey, put your heads together.” No matter the age, they would look at you like your crazy (or maybe they would just go crazy!) To accomplish this, ask them to put their arms around each other. This will naturally get their heads close together and make for a really nice image.

3. Simon Says

Do not underestimate the power of Simon Says. This is my absolute favorite of the 3 Tips for Taking Pictures of Kids in a Group. Get the kids where you want them to be for the photo and start playing. When you’re ready to take the photo say, “Simon Says put your arm around each other” followed by “Simon Says smile” and take the shot. Not only do the kids have fun, but you also get the group photo you want!

There ya have it! My favorite 3 tips for taking pictures of kids in a group. You now know all my secrets on how to get your kids in the group to look and smile at the camera without the stress. Now it’s time to get photographing!  

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