Best Photography Tips for Beginners



Think of the very best photographer you know. Guess what? When they first started, they had no idea what they were doing! They were once a beginner, and I bet if they could go back, there’s a thing or two they would do differently. If you’re a beginner, I am SO glad you are reading this right now. Photography is no joke and can get overwhelming quickly! With over a decade of experience, here are my best photography tips for beginners!

More of a visual learner? Click the image below to watch my YouTube video!

Don’t Go on a Shopping Spree

It’s not the camera that makes the photo. Let me say it again, it’s NOT the camera! It’s camera knowledge. And if you are a beginner, you are still learning. Do yourself and your pocketbook a favor, and don’t go purchase an expensive camera. Listen, 90% of people who own a DSLR or mirrorless camera have it sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Ask Facebook land if anyone has one for sale! Or go get a beginner camera for around $500. There will always be time to buy one of the super fancy cameras with all the bells and whistles. Start small. Once you master that camera, then you will know *exactly* what you want to invest in. Confused about the difference between a DSLR and a Point and Shoot? Check out this post!

Learn Manual Mode

Learn Manual Mode first. Not second. Not after you learn editing or posting or lighting. Nothing else matters until you learn how to use your camera in a manual mode setting. Period. There is no other function on the camera that can do it for you. Your understanding of your camera is what will make your photo amazing, and there is no substitute. If you’re ready, my course, Mastering Manual Mode, will definitely teach you how. You can also check out these videos on manual mode.

Photograph Things that Aren’t Yours

If you are photographing your kids, that’s absolutely wonderful. Keep doing it. But I strongly suggest you photograph things that you aren’t as attached to as well. Photograph someone else’s child (with their permission) or animals. This will be practice for practice’s sake instead of having the pressure of “capturing the moment.” You will be thinking more about the camera setting rather than your child giving you their fake smile for the 50th time in 2 minutes.

Get a good SD Card

I highly recommend this SD card if your camera takes the same kind as mine. To put it simply, this SD card records really, really fast. If you’ve ever been taking pictures and all of a sudden the button stopped working, it wasn’t the camera’s fault. It was the SD card slowing you down, because it was still recording the images you took 20 seconds ago. I have had amazing luck with this SD card! Before purchasing, make sure it will fit your camera body.

Leave your camera out

Last but not least, leave your camera out. Not only will it be handy if a photo-op comes up, but it will also remind you to practice, practice, practice. You can’t outsource your push-ups, and you can’t outsource your practice.

So there you have it! My best photography tips for beginners. Don’t go spend a lot of money, learn manual mode first, photograph things that you aren’t emotionally attached to, get a good SD card, and leave your camera out! It won’t be long, and you’ll be shooting like a pro. Now it’s time to get photographing!

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