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Studio Newborn Session in the Texarkana Area. Kayla Brint Photography

To celebrate the arrival of their enchanting little one, Rory, Sam and Sarah decided to book me for a studio newborn session. I was so happy to meet them! Sam and Sarah eloped at Big Cedar in 2020 with just a small group of family. Table Rock Lake was the perfect location for their wedding because they both enjoyed vacations there as kids. Little did they know, they would soon be sharing this special place with their new little one, Rory Ann!

Studio Newborn Session in the Texarkana Area. Kayla Brint Photography

This sweet ray of sunshine came almost two weeks early. Since she was expected on January 2, lots of people joked that if she came early, Sam and Sarah would get the tax credit for a whole year! 

Studio Newborn Session in the Texarkana Area. Kayla Brint Photography

Rory must have heard them because she came on December 22, just a couple days before Christmas. Sarah and Sam are just overjoyed that she came out healthy. 

Studio Newborn Session in the Texarkana Area. Kayla Brint Photography

They’re really looking forward to taking Rory on small trips. These two love to travel, and they’re hoping to pass on that love to their daughter by bringing her to national parks and hiking while she’s still little. 

This studio newborn session couldn’t have gone better! This family is just too cute together, and I loved every moment. Baby Rory has a ton of super adorable nicknames, including Ro, RoRo, Rory girl, Rorykins, and nugget! 

Sarah wore a simple pink dress, complete with matching lipstick and a fun belt. I love how her simple and minimalistic wardrobe choices elevate these photos while adding a pop of color!

Sam, on the other hand, complimented her perfectly with a light blue button-down. This semi-casual look really works well to display their loving family dynamic!

Rory is so lucky to have such loving parents by her side. Already, I can tell that they completely adore their sweet baby. 

I had so much fun with her solo portraits! We swaddled her up, and pretty soon, she was serene and peaceful. I absolutely LOVE her cute headband, which carried on Sam and Sarah’s pink and blue color theme. 

Thanks so much for stopping by my studio! It was awesome to meet you all, and I hope that you love these newborn photos as much as I do. If you’re an expecting mama who’s looking for a newborn photographer, contact me and let’s have a chat! I would love to see what we can do to create your perfect newborn gallery. 





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