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Kayla Brint Photography Heirloom Baby Chicks Session

Even before I had kids, I had chickens. We have them on our property, and every year we get new ones. We raise them as our laying hens so we have fresh eggs throughout the year, and I always make sure to get photos of my sons interacting with them. I adore these photos of my boys, so I knew it was time to offer a baby chicks session!

These are some of my favorite photos ever! That’s because they are so candid and they capture the essence childhood so beautifully. They are also so easy to take because you literally don’t have to do anything but hand them a chick, back up, and let the magic happen.

Kayla Brint Photography Heirloom Baby Chicks Session

When my family and I were getting chicks this year, I finally realized that I needed to offer baby chicks sessions for my clients. They were wildly successful! 

Kayla Brint Photography Heirloom Baby Chicks Session

There is something so magical about children and baby animals that just lights up my heart. The wonder and curiosity in a child’s eyes when they hold a fluffy chick is something that I can’t help but grin at. This year’s heirloom baby chicks session was SO MUCH FUN! Check out some of these amazing photos!

Kayla Brint Photography Heirloom Baby Chicks Session

With my limited edition sessions, I usually don’t like adding an element that I don’t have control over. For example, Santa at the Santa experience. I can’t control how the kids react to Santa, and I also can’t control how the kids react to the chicks. 

Kayla Brint Photography Heirloom Baby Chicks Session

Now, I understand that not every child is going to love holding a chick, and that’s okay. I don’t force anything on the children, and I let them take their time getting comfortable with the chicks. 

Kayla Brint Photography Heirloom Baby Chicks Session

The reaction is usually about 50/50. Some kids loved it, and others weren’t so sure about them and thought the whole experience was weird. But we got some of the sweetest photos ever!! 

Since I knew that the chicks weren’t going to be a win with every kid, I wanted to make sure that each client got an heirloom-quality portrait. This is something my clients have asked for for years, so I put the heirloom portrait at the beginning of this session. That way, moms always have at least one winner.

We start each session with that heirloom portrait, and then let the kids have fun with the chicks. This year, we even added a duckling to the mix, and it was a huge hit. Of course, as with any photography session involving children and animals, there are bound to be some unexpected moments. But that’s all part of the fun! We embraced the unpredictable.

I strongly believe that capturing childhood is an art form. There is no better way to do that than by combining the magic of childhood with the wonder of animals. If you’re looking for a timeless way to capture your child’s curiosity, then these limited edition sessions are the perfect fit. Contact me to learn more about when my next one will be!




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