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Let’s talk about the best place to order prints from. I get asked all the time where I choose to print from…  and this causes me quite the issue. You see, I order from a professional photography lab that isn’t open to the public. You have to be a pro photographer to order from them… which helps my moms absolutely zero! So, I decided to do my own little test so I can give a true recommendation and tell you which is the best. I chose 3 different places and order the same prints and the same time from 3 different labs; Chatbooks, Shutterfly, and Mpix. I am going to comparing them based on 3 categories: ease-of ordering (was it a pain or not to order the prints?), turnaround time, and quality of the photos. 

More of a visual learner? Check out my YouTube video below.

If you are looking for the place I order my frames from, that is a totally different story! Check out this post here.


Shutterfly is extremely popular and I have used them in the past for things I needed quickly.


  • the website was pretty easy to use (did not try the app)
  • Cost: $.83
  • Lots of different sizes and 3 different paper options (gloss, matte, pearl)
  • I choose matte

turnaround time

received 4 days after ordering


The print is your typical “grocery store” quality when it comes to paper. However, Shutterfly nailed the color and exposure! They are very true to what I expected them to look like.


Mpix is associated with a professional lab called Millers. Unlike Millers, Mpix is opened to the public.


  • Really easy to order on the mobile website
  • has options- Paper, texture, and mounting/frame options
  • Super easy to order

turnaround time

The quickest! Came 2 days after ordering.


Same as Shutterfly. “Grocery store” paper but the exposure was a little off. The prints were slightly darker than the image. Both the Chatbooks and Shutterfly exposure printed the same and it turned out how I expected it to.


If you know me, you know how much I love my albums from Chatbooks. Did you know you can also order prints through them? You can!


  • Must order through their website on a desktop
  • Had to order at least 10
  • $3.71 with a flash sale code for 25% off (for 10 prints)

turn around time

received 9 days after ordering


Chatbooks prints on linen paper giving the photo a matte look and feel. I personally love it! The paper is super thick and durable.

In conclusion, there is no real winner here when it comes to the best place to order prints. It is simply what you value and what you are needing. I personally order my prints through Chatbooks because I love the shape and the linen paper.  They look so great stored in a glass box on our shelves. However, there are no options to choose from. Only one size and one kind of paper option. For Christmas ornaments, I order from Shutterfly because they offer wallet size photos and are very affordable. Which lab are you going to try next? Let me know down in the comments!

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