3 Tips For Choosing Which Photos You Should Print



Let’s talk about printing photos. Are we still doing that? Is there any real reason to print photos in this day in age? Yes, we are, and yes, there is! However, no one has really given us any guidance on how to print photos in a digital world much less how to choose the photo we should print. There are so many photos! Like, literally tens of thousands for some people. That’s exactly what I am going to be discussing today- choosing which photos you should print. Need help in choosing which lab to print from? Check out this post!

More of a visual learner? Check out the YouTube video on the 3 Tips For Choosing Which Photos You Should Print.

Tip #1 | Print Photos with Loved Ones in Them

Does your family have a box full of printed photos? If I had to guess, I would say yes. Most do, unless they were devastatingly lost in a natural disaster.

When I go through our family “shoebox” of photos, the ones I love the most are the ones who I don’t know who the people are. To my surprise, I usually do know who the person is… they’ve just changed since the photo was taken.

I also enjoy seeing photos of myself as a girl with my cousins and grandparents. It takes me back to that day in time… and I want that for my boys.

If a photo includes a family member or friend, I choose the best of the photos and print it. Use the gut test here and put yourself in your child’s shoes. If that was a picture of you and your ______ (insert the relationship to your child), would you be glad to have the photo? If yes, print it. It might be the only way they will ever see it in the future.

Tip #2 | Moments That Mean Something

There’s no denying we have a serious, serious photo overload problem. I am showing my age here, but do you remember when you only have 24 shots on the throwaway camera for the birthday party? Now for a birthday party, we take hundreds of photos. For special occasions (birthday parties, graduations, holidays, etc.), I go through the photos and print my absolute favorites keeping tip #1 in mind. No, I’m not printing the 40 photos of my son opening his gifts that I took but I will print the photo of him hugging his grandparents as they leave. So, tip #2 is to make sure to print photos from any special occasion that means something special to you or your child.

Tip #3 | Photos That You Love but Don’t Necessarily Want to Frame

Ever taken a photo you absolutely love, but don’t necessarily want to put on the wall? Maybe it’s a photo of when your daughter accidentally slipped into a mud puddle and her dress was covered in mud, but she thought it was hilarious. Maybe it was someone’s face at a surprise party when they saw all their guests. If you love a photo, print it. I guarantee you that someone will find it one day and be so glad you did.

So there you have it! My 3 tips for choosing which photos you should print. Print photos with loved ones, the moments that mean something to your family, and photos that you just absolutely love! I have a feeling in 50 years the phone you are using will no longer be working and your family is probably not going to have access to the cloud account where you back up your photos. If you do nothing else, make sure to print your photos.

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