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I work alone a lot. It’s the best and worst part about my job. Sometimes I would love to have someone to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with… then I spend time with Brandi and Ellen and I’m energized!

Brandi & Ellen, with Brandi K Films, are AMAZING videographers in our area of Texarkana. When I’ve booked a¬† wedding and I find out they are going to be there too, my heart soars. Brandi is a master at her craft saying, “one of my defining principles is a deep commitment to catching incredible captivating moments and bringing them to life through film.” And that she does! I’ve worked with her on several projects and she exceeds my expectations every.single.time.¬†Brandi is well known in this area as a fantastic videographer and has now grown her business.

Brandi has now added an amazing team member, Ellen. “I now partner with Ellen, and plan to raise the bar specifically in business/Promotional Ads and wedding videography with a modern style,” says Brandi. I first met Ellen when she came to my property to shoot the Slingshot & Arrows spring line (see those images here!)¬†Ellen was the perfect combination of fun and professional. “I am looking forward to continuing the adventure here in Texarkana after we recently moved here from my home town. I have been very fortunate connecting with people that share similar interests.¬† I am happily married and we have two¬†German¬†shepherds that provide constant entertainment and snuggles,” says Ellen.

When these 2 needed some new photos as they start their journey together in their business, I was thrilled to get them in front of my camera! We laughed and danced through this whole session. It was a blast!

Brandi has always been apart of my “tribe” and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and her business! We (Brandi, Ellen, and I) just shot a styled session at Ramage farms this week… y’all! It was amazing. I can’t WAIT to show off the photos and see the video!

In the mean time, how gorgeous are these #girlbosses?!

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