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Mommies are always behind the camera. At a soccer games. At t-ball. At graduation. Before prom. At the baptism. At the play.  Look around… who has the camera? MOM! Everywhere, you can bet the mom is the one with the phone in hand capturing the moment. She has a million photos of her kids and her husband, but she absent from most of them because she’s the one with the camera.

Each year, I choose one special. Some kind of “deal.” Something to show appreciation to my clients. This year I’m offering a limited edition session with one person in mind: mom! As a mom myself (and a photographer,) I’m always behind the camera. Professionally and personally, the camera is in my hand and I 100% do it to myself. I want to take the photos. However, the few photos I have of my son and myself, I cherish. They are gold. One of which is my profile picture on Facebook. The other is a profile picture on Instagram. And I have big plans for a huge college in my home for these photos. Why? Because I’m in them and I don’t look terrible. I made time to dress up before the photos. I got my hair just right and I requested that I had photos of just me and my son during this session because the last photo we took of just me and him, he had just exited my body. Needless to say, it wasn’t Pinterest worthy. Priceless, yes. But homegirl doesn’t want that photo on her wall. And all the mommies said “amen!”

The best part; this limited edition session is still for sale. It’s the PERFECT mother’s day gift and I will not be selling anymore sessions after this Saturday. Dads, I’m talking to you here: this is what your wife wants! She also wants you to watch and entertain the kid(s) so that she can have a solid hour (and a half) to get ready. No, I don’t have that on the gift certificate. That’s just some solid advice to get you some serious points this Mother’s Day. 20-25 minute session (all you’ll want out in the heat with kiddos!) May 21 & 22 between 6:00-7:30. $250 plus tax.  Sorry, daddy. You can’t be in this session. You have an important job playing peek-a-boo to make sure the kids smile.

I did one Mommy & Me session a little early! I met Alex a couple weeks ago when she took my DSLR Workshop. After that, she inquired about a session and I had to go ahead and tell her about this deal. OH. MY. GOODNESS! Her and her beautiful daughter, Emmalyn, are pure perfection. Seriously.

Want to win on this Mother’s day? Fill out this form and I’ll send you the rest of the info right over!  Mommy & Me | Limited Edition Session







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