Children Photography | Easter 2018



Children Photography | Easter 2018

Easter. It is one of my favorite holidays. The reason for the season fills me with so much hope and joy. This year, I dived in deeper and did the She Reads Truth Lent Study. It was so eye opening and kept my heart where it should be during this season; on the cross. It also helped me to regroup and plan for the Holiday a little better; making priorities, well, a priority.

When you have kids every single holiday is a big huge deal. Big. Huge. Deal. It almost seems like a game; how many places can you go in a weekend? How many Easter egg hunts can your child have? If we would have attended all egg hunt that we were invited to, the number for Worth would be 4. 4 egg hunts. He’s 2 and his social calendar is far superior then mine. Furthermore, his father and I are his personal chauffeurs and stylist for the season. Rush.Rush. Rush. Go. Go. Go. Faster. Faster. Faster.

Through the crazy and the busy, I love every single moment. I live for this. Every egg hunt are relationships built and memories made for Worth, Chase, and me. This year I was more intentional about how we scheduled our time. I actually said no to one of the egg hunts he was invited to so that he would be rested for the egg hunt with our family.

Another thing that has been “rush, rush, rush” in the past is Worth’s Easter photos. This year, I blocked off an evening well before Easter just so that Worth and I could celebrate in our own little way; dying easter eggs and taking his photos. *See photo of Worth’s freshly dyed fingers. I made it a priority to do his photos even though I had a million and two things to do. Through many years of doing children photography I have found that rushing is a recipe for meltdown. Kids sense stress and feed off of it in the worst ways. So, by making sure he had a good nap, feeding him well, letting him do something fun before the session (dying eggs,)  and promising him to we will continue the fun by decorating the eggs afterwards, I was setting the stage for success. It’s just me, Worth, and the camera. I have no one to make silly faces behind me. Planning here is key.

My number one goal as to a photographer is to make sure my clients are happy. If my clients love their time with me and their photos, it’s a win! As both the client and the photographer in this case, I am in love with Worth’s Easter session, and I will never regret making his photos a priority.

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