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These game-changing home items are 100% worth the money. There are things that I feel like are worth buying a little more high-end to make your life easier/better.

iRobot Vacuum Cleaner- My husband bought me this for my birthday, and at first, I thought it was a super lame birthday gift, but I love it!! It makes me feel like my house is clean because my floors are CLEAN. You have to keep your floors picked up so it can do its job, but that helps me keep my house clean. I have a post about using it effectively here.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner– This vacuum is not an “or” thing with the iRobot. The iRobot is for keeping the floors clean. The Dyson Cordless Vacuum us for cleaning up specific messes. I use mine at least two times a day: once after breakfast and once after dinner. The battery lasts longer than I thought it would. It charges on the wall, and you can just grab it and use it whenever you need it.

Google Nest- This is the touch screen thermostat that you have probably seen. When I redid my hallway, I purchased this for one reason: it was pretty. I may not have purchased it because I thought it would be a game changing home item, but the reason I love it is because I can control it from anywhere else besides my house. If you forget to turn off your air conditioner, you can do it going down the road.

Nespresso– Any coffee shop I go to, I always get an Americano, and now I can have this at home. I’m not going to say that this has stopped me from going to coffee shops because I just love the vibe there, but it has made my mornings better! This coffee pot makes coffee so well that I take it out of town with me. I can order pods off the app and they are delivered to right to my door.

Ember Mugs– I am not a fast coffee drinker. I sip my coffee as I get ready. This mug keeps my coffee warm for me. It is able to keep it warm because it is battery powered. The mug comes with a coaster that is the charger. As long as the mug is on the coaster, it is charging and keeping your drink warm (or whatever temperature you want). When you take the mug off the charger, it keeps your coffee warm for about 30 more minutes. If you drink it slow, you NEED this.

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