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Texarkana moments of motherhood session Kayla Brint Photography

This is the fourth year I’ve offered my limited edition “Moments of Motherhood” sessions. I couldn’t have been more pleased with this year’s results. As a professional photographer, I am thrilled to offer my services year after year to hardworking moms in the Texarkana area. 

Texarkana moments of motherhood session Kayla Brint Photography

“Moments of Motherhood” is just one of many limited edition photo shoots that I offer throughout the year. I normally have about one per season, but two around Christmastime. Spring is such a special time of year. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I couldn’t think of a better time to celebrate moms and all they do. 

Texarkana moments of motherhood session Kayla Brint Photography

As a mom myself, I know how rare it is to have high-quality photographs of you with your kids. Moms are often left out in the day-to-day photos since they’re the ones taking them, so this is my special way of highlighting them.

Texarkana moments of motherhood session Kayla Brint Photography

My limited edition “Moments of Motherhood” shoots are a full-day event that truly celebrates moms and all they do. My goal is to show the precious bond between mothers and their children. This involves capturing the unique personalities of each child, as well as the relationship between mom and her babies. 

During the session, we take individual shots of each child, and then take a photo of mom with each child. We also take a group shot of everyone together, which is always a fun and heartwarming experience. 

I designed “Moments of Motherhood” to be laid-back and enjoyable, for both mom and her children. My studio is a comfortable and relaxing environment, so everyone can feel at ease and have fun. 

These photos are one-of-a-kind, not only because I only offer them during this time of year, but because they are the perfect gifts for loved ones and family. I’ve had so many clients use the photos from this session as a Mother’s Day present for grandma, and nothing could make me happier!

To think— this all started because I wanted pictures of me with my oldest son after he was born. Now that I have a younger son, too, it became even more important to capture photos of us together. 

Texarkana moments of motherhood session Kayla Brint Photography

That was my lightbulb moment when I  realized that I needed to open this up to my clients and make it a full-day event. The first ever event that I did in my studio was “Moments of Motherhood” and to this day, it’s one of my most popular ever.

Since I’ve started doing these sessions, I’ve realized how much my clients value these photos. Every year, I get a constant stream of positive feedback. Knowing how much moms appreciate these sessions is the best feeling in the world. Thank you to everyone who participated this year!

If you missed out on this opportunity, contact me for more information about upcoming limited edition sessions!




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