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Maternity Session with Kay Brint Photography

Cole and Morgan are about to navigate on one of the biggest adventures of life: parenthood! This maternity session was beyond romantic, especially after hearing their amazing story. Several months ago, Cole and Morgan basked in the Cabo sunshine. Enjoying the beautiful weather, it wasn’t difficult for them to come to the topic of expanding their family in the next year or two. Cole lives for his Australian Shepherd, Paisley, so Morgan joked about what a shock a human baby will be for both of them.

Maternity Session with Kay Brint Photography

Little did they know, life wanted to speed up their plans just a little bit! A month later, Morgan found out that she was pregnant. Cole was over the moon with the surprise. Then, the two began planning for their little one’s arrival by booking a maternity session with yours truly!

Maternity Session with Kay Brint Photography

These two have such a cute love story, so I can’t help but dedicate a portion of this blog to their fairytale! Cole and Morgan went to the same high school, but they didn’t become friends until after they graduated! 

Maternity Session with Kay Brint Photography

They probably passed each other in the hall every day, not knowing that they were each other’s one true loves. Then, things really hit off and they learned how much they had in common! Their new baby will be welcomed into such a loving relationship. 

Maternity Session with Kay Brint Photography

As they prepared for their baby, one of their must-haves was booking a maternity photography shoot with me! Having your first baby is such a transformative period of life for a family, so it was imperative that they documented this beautiful life transition. 

Maternity Session with Kay Brint Photography

At the time of our maternity session, Morgan and Cole hadn’t decided what their new son’s name would be. However, Wright is a middle name passed down from Cole’s side of the family, so they already know that his middle name will be Wright, just like his dad. 

Wright is also the name of Cole’s family business, so the name has an extra special layer of meaning. Morgan, on the other hand, is a nurse. She works the night shift, and loves to read and watch Real Housewives when she’s not sleeping during the day. 

Cole loves to golf and hunt, two things he hopes that their new son will enjoy, too! I just know that he’s going to be a great father when they finally welcome their bundle of joy. 

One thing that’s really going to foster their son’s sense of adventure is that the family also loves to travel. Morgan and Cole been to Cabo, Hawaii, Chicago, and Charleston in the past two years alone, not to mention Palm Springs for their baby moon!

I’m so excited to see what else life has in store for this growing family. I can’t thank you enough for choosing me as your maternity photographer in the Texarkana area. Many blessings! 




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