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Studio maternity session with Kayla Brint Photography

Maria and Carey are originally from the Philippines, but they moved to the USA in July, 2021. Their love is so strong that it bridged the gap of long-distance for many years while Maria worked in Oman. These lovebirds are so dedicated and committed to one another, I’m over the moon that they are about to have a baby! With this studio maternity session, we had so much fun!

Studio maternity session with Kayla Brint Photography

Maria and Carey have been married for five years, and they were so excited to finally be together and start their family. Maria found out that she was pregnant in August 2021, just a month after they reunited, but they had a miscarriage.

Studio maternity session with Kayla Brint Photography

My heart broke for them when they told me about their struggle with infertility. It’s one of the hardest things a couple can go through together, but these two pulled through strong.

Studio maternity session with Kayla Brint Photography

Then, God finally blessed them with another little one, exactly a year after their miscarriage. Maria felt compelled one day to take a pregnancy test, and it turned out to be positive! Almost not believing it, she practically cleared out the pregnancy test section at the store, just to be sure. 

Studio maternity session with Kayla Brint Photography

Throughout the week, Maria kept taking tests. Sure enough, they kept staying positive. Looking back, Maria and Carey felt that God was giving them just enough time to mourn and recover from their previous loss and prepare their minds for little Cerys Lyanna. 

Studio maternity session with Kayla Brint Photography

The first trimester was the hardest part of the journey. They were so anxious after their previous miscarriage that they didn’t tell their family until twelve weeks in. It was so hard for Maria and Carey to keep it a secret because they knew how excited everyone would be.

Studio maternity session with Kayla Brint Photography

When they finally shared the news, everyone exploded with joy. Since then, the entire family has been as busy as bees preparing for Cerys Lyanna. Everyone is so excited to meet her, even if it ends up just being virtual for now.

Carey is an outdoorsy kind of person, so I know he’ll be looking forward to the days when he can take his daughter exploring. Whether it’s hiking, fishing, biking, or kayaking, he’ll be there to help Cerys Lyanna meet all of her important milestones. These studio maternity photos are definitely going to help bridge the gap of distance between the USA and their relatives back in the Philippines.

Maria, on the other hand, is going to be such a warmhearted mama. Even during our short meeting, I was able to see how caring and considerate she was. I’m certain that Maria is going to be a wonderful parent! 

Maria and Carey, I can’t congratulate you two enough for little Cerys! She’s going to be such a blessing to you and your family. I can already picture the three of you enjoying your time together frolicking through parks and rivers. I’m thrilled that you asked me to photography your studio maternity session, and I hope to meet little Cerys soon!




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