What You Need to Know for Your Newborn Session



Newborn sessions are weird. There. I said it.

What? They really are.

I mean, there are heaters, a bean bag, and about 50 cloth diapers that are not used for diapering at all (they are used for posing, in case you were wondering.)  It’s really a huge mystery how a photographer gets those beautiful shots. Especially for a new mom! Heck, it’s a mystery to most photographers who don’t photograph newborns. Seriously, when a new mom walks into my studio for their consultation, their faces are always riddled with questions. I can see it. I had that same look when Worth had his newborn photos made! And what’s even odder, I was a newborn photographer long before I had my son! It’s just different being in the mom’s shoes. You have concerns. You want them to do well, and you want to make sure you do everything exactly right so that you get those photos that you’ve been dreaming of.

Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Newborn Photographer

Listen, mama. I’m talking to you. Take a deep breath, and know that your newborn photos are going to be amazing, and there is VERY little you have to do. I have everything covered. But, I see you over there with your notes app open making a to-do list.

Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Newborn Photographer
So, here is what you can do to help:

  • Interact with your baby as much as possible and do your best to keep baby awake before coming to the studio.
  • Plan to feed the baby when you arrive at the studio. Once they are fed, they usually go straight into a “milk coma” (aka- the best place for them to be for the photos!)
  • dress them in something that can be easily taken off without disturbing them.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothing to the session. Because the baby will be undressed for most of the poses, the room will be nice & warm.

Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Newborn Photographer

I have created a check-list of everything you need to bring to your session. Best part, there’s not much! But these things are super necessary, and here is why:

  • plenty of food for the baby. Please keep in mind that you may be feeding more often than normal during their newborn session and a session can take up to 4 hours.
  • diapers/wipes
  • pacifier (if taking one)
  • plenty of water, drinks, and snacks for yourself! You just had a baby; you need all the nutrition you can get.
  • any props or blankets you want in the photos

Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Newborn Photographer

That’s it! I will have everything else taken care of. Come ready to make some beautiful first memories with your new, growing family! Here is a free download of what you can expect before, during, and after a newborn session. (or click the image below.) Also, the check-lists are in here as well for you to print out. Pack your bag, check everything off, and you’re good to go!

Kayla Brint Photography | Texarkana Newborn Photographer www.kaylabrint.com

Ready to book your newborn session? I book 6 months prior to your due date. Click here and let’s discuss your little one’s newborn session! 





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