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Pop quiz! Where do you put the subject in the frame when you take its photo? Ok. There is no right or wrong answer here. But really… where do you put the subject? Most people go for the middle. Like, every single photo that was ever taken of me as a child… I was positioned directly in the middle of the frame. And you know what? That’s perfectly ok! But what if you want to have a much more interesting image? Try using the Rule of Thirds. Here’s another post of mine with my #1 Tip to photographing children if you really want to take your photography to the next level! In this post, I will be giving you a quick guide to using the rule of thirds: what it is and how to use it!

More of a visual learner? Check out my YouTube video all about the rule of thirds below.


What is the Rule of Thirds?

The rule of thirds is a visual guide that breaks an image into thirds (both horizontally and vertically.)


This gives you nine pieces created by four grid lines. The “rule” states if you position your subject along the gridlines, you’ll get a better composition. This is the exact same for both horizontal and vertical images.


How to use the Rule of Thirds

Simply line up your subject where the line intersects to give you a more interesting composition.

So there you have it! The Rule of Thirds- what it is and how to use it.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with placing your subject in the middle of the frame. However, if you want to get a more interesting image, you now know the rules to do so. (You also know the rules so now that you can break them! There’s nothing wrong with being a rebel in photography, okayyyyy!) Now it’s time to get photographing!

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