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So, today I’m going to talk about underwear. If you know me personally, you know I’m the most modest (almost prudish) person who ever lived. I’ve lived a sheltered life, ok! However, this is important. I have a morning routine that you can read all about here, but one thing I didn’t mention in here is that I won’t leave the house unless I get myself ready. I do this for one person and one person only: myself. When I was a teacher, of course, I got dressed and ready every single day. It was required of the job. However, now that I am self-employed, it is optional, right? Right. So, I got sloppy, and I found that wearing yoga pants was not good for moral. If I didn’t look good most days, I didn’t feel good. I wasn’t as productive. I didn’t want to start conversations with people simply because I was embarrassed of my appearance.  And y’all, that is just not me. So, almost every single day, I do my hair, my make-up, and get dressed. But there was still a serious issue with getting dressed, and it had nothing to do with the clothes themselves. It was my underwear.

I’ve had the same underwear for an embarrassingly long time, and I wear them ’til they literally break. I know. I know. I’ve read that bras “expire” after a certain amount of time. But goodness, underwear shopping is hard, and I do it as infrequently as possible. I say all of this to tell you that I am not going to give you any advice on where to buy underwear based on your shape or size. Heck, I don’t even know where to get the best bra for my size! But what I do know is that you need to have certain basics in your drawer. How do I know this, you ask? Read on.

Does this scenario sound familiar… You can’t decide on what to wear and you finally remember this one outfit. Praise the Lord! It’s comfortable. It’s stylish. It’s perfect! You get undressed grab the outfit and realize in that moment you do not have underwear to go with it! Maybe it’s white and all you have clean is a black bra. Or maybe it’s a see-through (sheer) shirt because I tell you, I think that’s 90% of what everyone is selling. I still haven’t figured out why (give me all the thick, good material, please!) While the outfit is perfect, your underwear isn’t and not wearing any underwear simply isn’t an option for reasons that need no explaining. You’re back to square one… you have nothing to wear.

Y’all, this has been me my whole adult life. I’ve always been good at figuring out solutions to everyday problems, but this one is a little different because…

  • a) Have you ever been underwear shopping? It’s almost as bad as swimsuit shopping.
  • b) It’s time consuming. I don’t get much time off to myself. And when I do, I don’t want to spend it doing this. Can I get an amen?
  • c) It’s expensive. Like, have you priced a good bra here lately?

Not too long ago, my whole entire work day fell apart. Like, I couldn’t do a thing work related. I was running all over town, and then I found myself by the mall with some alone time on my hands. Much to my despise, I decided that I need to FINALLY tackle this huge issue. I was going underwear shopping. Here is what I knew I needed and some rules for me to follow so that I stayed on track:

  • No patterns. Nothing “pretty.” This is about functionality.
  • They all had to be super comfortable AND do the job.
  • 1 nude bra
  • 1 nude strapless bra
  • 2 white bras
  • 1 black bra
  • 1 black strapless bra
  • Neural panties (white, nude, and black)

To my surprise, Victoria Secret made doing this super, super easy. Once I found one bra that was comfortable, they had every color in it! And then right beside it were strapless bras! Seriously, it was WAY easier than I could have ever imagined. Now, I did have to ask about panties. I wanted solids and neutrals. That was so hard to find in a sea of patterns and pinks. She walked me right over to them, and I had that done in 5 minutes.

Ok, now let’s talk about price. No, this is not cheap. However, Victoria Secret was having a sale. Buy one bra get the second for $10. I jumped right on that. Also, the panties were 5 for $28. I bought 5 neutrals. I spent around $170 on 6 bras and 5 pair of panties. I really was expecting to spend around $500, to be honest. But with the sale going on, I saved a bundle.

After having them for a week, here’s the verdict: game changer. It’s like I have a whole new closet. There were so many cute shirt I was simply not even considering simply because I didn’t have the right underwear for them. Do not be like me and wait so long to do this. Take a day to yourself. Go get your favorite cup of coffee and buy yourself some new comfortable underwear.





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