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If you know me, you know I love, love, love printing photos. I make albums, I frame this and have them all over our walls, and I also print photos… just to have them printed. The most commonly asked question when it comes to printed photos (right behind where do I choose to print my photos from) is what on earth do you do with them today. Today, I am going to show you my favorite thing to do with printed photos.

Put them in a “Shoebox”

Create a shoebox of photos. Listen, I create an annual family yearbook (and so do my moms in Mom Photography School) that is organized not only by year (duh) but also the pages go in order – meaning my album usually starts with spring photos and ends with Christmas photos. So, they are perfectly organized chronologically. My “shoebox” full of photos? Not so much. If you have a “shoebox” filled with old family photos then I know you are going to completely understand this- there’s something about just randomly going through photos. It’s like a treasure hunt. You have no idea what you may find and that’s a part of the fun.

I have several boxes that I just throw prints in as I create them.  I don’t overthink this. While, yes, these prints are here for me to enjoy… I know they aren’t really for me, but for my boys and future generations. It gives me goosebumps thinking about these photos spread out on a bed being looked at by future generations asking, “who’s this?” and “who’s that?”.

Display the Prints in Your Home

I love to display our printed photos in this gorgeous glass box I found on Amazon. The box would also look really great on the coffee table… but in this season of life with 2 boys at home, I know better than to do that. I personally print a lot of my photos from Chatbook (you can read more about other places I’ve printed from here.) Their prints are square and printed on beautiful linen paper that I absolutely adore. Not only can you store them in the box on the shelf, but you can also pull them out on a play it on a small easel. This is fun during the holidays or celebrating someone on a special occasion.

So there you have it, my favorite thing to do with printed photos. I throw them in a shoebox or they are in a pretty glass box sitting on the shelf. While yes, they are here for me to enjoy, I know that I am really doing this for future generations. Comment below and let me know if you are glad to have a “shoebox” that has been passed down in your family.

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