How to Preserve Digital Photos | 2 Simple Ways



I love hearing stories about how people found a box full of old family photos in an attic. Generations documented in black and white. I love looking at old photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents. It’s amazing how much alike we all look at the same age. In the same breath, I also have a fear for future generations, because no one really knows how to preserve digital photos.

Technology has taken over so quickly that we have failed to create a system to preserve the tens of thousands of photos we are taking. This generation is the most photographed, and we have the very least to show for it. I have a fear that in thirty years we are going to have a president of the United States of America that we do not have a childhood photo of him or her, because their mom was documenting their childhood with an iPhone. This is exactly why I am being so intentional with taking photos of my children and backing them up in a way they will always have access to them. In this post, I am going to share how to preserve digital photos.

Print Them

Listen, it’s never been easier or more affordable to print photos. The Shutterfly app makes it foolproof, and you can get prints for pennies! Printing the photo you take on your phone and creating a “shoebox” is something that your family could have for generations to come. Here is a great article I wrote if you need help in choosing which photos to print or where to print from.


I decided that iCloud wasn’t for me. I wanted reliable storage that wasn’t associated with my phone at all. You see, iCloud is a mirror of your phone. What is on your phone is on the cloud. No, it’s not taking up the space on your phone… but if want you all 50,000 photos, you are going to have to see all 50K in your camera roll. Oh, and if you accidentally delete a photo, it’s gone.

This is exactly why I choose to back up all photos on Dropbox. It backs up the photos on my phone, but it makes a copy of each photo. If I delete it from my phone, no worries- it’s still safe in Dropbox. However, future generations aren’t going to “happen” across my Dropbox account. So, with my physical photos, I have a note at the top of my login and password to Dropbox. This is one password I rarely have to change, and I know, no matter what, my family will have the photos I am taking.

Being intentional about preserving your digital photos by simply printing and backing them up in Dropbox is all it takes to preserve all the photos you’re taking on your iPhone.





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