Why Extended Family Photos are Important



A few weeks ago, my grandfather passed away. We did what you do when someone passes, and we went through all the photos. That is when I realized why extended families are so important! These make great gifts for literally anyone in your family.

There is a photo we have of my son and my grandfather that I am going to cherish forever. There is literally no way for me to ever recreate that photo. For one thing, my son will never be a newborn again! Now is the time for these photos: nobody is getting any younger. While going through the photos with my Nanny, I was able to see tons of photos from back in the day. Because these photos included people from multiple generations, I was able to figure out who everyone was based on knowing only one or two people. I felt connected to these people I had never met simply because they were in photos of people I do know and love. Extended family photos are the most precious and rare photos to ever be taken. They include several generations but will be cherished by many more.

Extended Family Photos How to make them Stress-Free

Styling Your Extended Family Photos

When you plan an extended family photo session, it is important to make sure everyone is represented, but the next step is to plan the look of the session. Think back to the beach photos from the early 2000s. Those photos, as popular as they were for the time, are not the vibe we are going for, so think “coordinate” not “match.” Simply send everyone a text, email, letter, or smoke signal that says, “Hey, y’all all wear a solid neutral color” (Try to avoid black because it doesn’t photograph as well as some other colors). Find some tips on what to wear HERE.

Make Photo Session Run Smoothly

Now, photos can be tricky with trying to get everyone’s moods and good hair days to line up and behave. There are a few tips to make the session run smoother. Make the session a part of the day, not the whole day. Plan something before or after the session. Planning a family dinner after the session keeps all the clothes clean. This session is meant to be short. The session will provide one or two key photos, not a whole album. Honestly, you can set up your phone and take a few photos with that.

If you choose to hire someone to take these photos (which I highly recommend), make sure you find someone that gets on your level. Do you have a ton of crazy cousins? Or maybe a ton of kids? Find a photographer that is good with crazy cousins or tons of kids. You want someone that can match the energy of your family and make everyone feel comfy.





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