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I need to preface with, I am not a techy. I do not follow the latest and greatest cameras nor do I care to. I do not obsess over how many megapixels a camera has or if it has the latest and greatest bells and whistles. When someone asks if their camera is a “good one” I respond with 3 questions: does it work? Can you take off the lens? Does it shoot in manual? The rest is details, y’all. However, today I am going to be giving you MY review of a thee Sony A7iii. I am speaking from a place of user-friendliness and dependability. Pretty much, if you want to know if this camera is dependable and easy to use… keep reading. Here is my review of the Sony A7iii.


For over a decade I shoot only Nikon cameras. I love Nikon. However, when my Nikon D610 final kicked the bucket after years and years of use (and abuse), I decided I wanted to go Sony. This decision came when I purchased a Sony “vlogging camera” to make my YouTube videos (it’s like a fancy point-and-shoot.) It was so user-friendly and could take amazing photos as well as videos.

The first thing that blew me away about the mirrorless Sony was that I could see exactly how the photo was going to look before I even took the photo. I knew if my expose was right. I knew if my photos were too orange or blue (was my white balance off.) All the things I could see through my viewfinder or on my LCD screen. This is a GAME CHANGER especially for those who are just starting to learn manual mode. This feature will help you to know if your images are exposed properly every single time. It’s almost foolproof.


Focusing on the Sony A7iii is magical. It has face tracing! Pretty much, it finds people’s eyes and focuses on them automatically. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this feature. I am not going to act like I know how any of this works because I do not… I just know I am a FAN and I keep face tracking on at all times.


Whenever I hear someone talk about mirrorless cameras, the first thing I hear them rave about is the size. Yes, the camera body is smaller than most DSLRs… however, when I strap the 24-70mm lens on it, it really is about the same size. I just want to make a point to say this because I wouldn’t just on the mirrorless train if the size of the camera is the main reason you are wanting to go mirrorless.

So there you have it, my review of the Sony A7iii. I love the camera and it has so many bells and whistles that I haven’t even played around with yet. However, I am very happy since my switch from DSLR to mirrorless.

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