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You decide you want to get serious about photography and what do you do? Go drop several hundred (if not thousands) of dollars, of course! Well, that’s exactly what I did and I’ve seen countless others do the exact same before they even know how to use a camera. 🤦‍♀️ (Don’t do be like me- by the way. That’s actually on my list of things not to do in my post Best Photography Tips for Beginners)  But would you believe me if I told you one of my absolute favorite lenses is also the most affordable? It’s true. That’s also one of the reasons why the 50mm is my pick as the best lens for beginners.

Here’s my favorite Nikon Lens:

Here’s my favorite Canon Lens:

It’s affordable.

Lenses are expensive. I just did a simple Google search for “photography lenses” and the first 10 that came up were well over $1,000.00. That’s a lot of zeros.

The 50mm 1.8 by most brands is under $200 making it one of the most affordable lenses on the market. But it’s so cheap- there must be something that you’re sacrificing, right? Wrong! This brings me to my next point- it is amazing in low light.

It’s incredible in low-light.

The 50mm 1.8 has a super-wide aperture allowing for lots of light to enter the lens. This is my number 1 reason why this lens is picked as my Best Lens for Beginners. I’ve found that the wider a lens’ aperture is, the more expensive it is. This is true with the exception of the 50mm 1.8. If you need a little help with understanding aperture, check out this post here.

It’s small.

So, my absolute favorite lens on the face of the earth is the 24-70mm 1.8. So, why am I not writing about it today? 2 reasons actually- 1) go look up the price

2) it’s huge and heavy

The 50mm is so small and lightweight. It’s the perfect lens for traveling or when you really want to pack light. Most other lenses are much heavier and bulky.

So, there you have it- why I recommend the 50mm 1.8 to all beginners! 🚨 FREE CLASS ALERT! Want to know my biggest tips to get kids to smile at the camera? Sign up for my FREE class by clicking here!





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